Grooming Equipment

There are a lot of grooming products on the market.  There are very few that you actually need.  Many are personal preference. 

Combs and Brushes

Greyhound Comb.  The one comb you should not be without is a Greyhound comb. It is used for regular combing of your dog.  It helps remove dead hair and generally keeps the coat clean and free of tangles.  It is steel, about 7 inches long and looks like this:

Grooming Equipment - Greyhound Comb

Pin Brush.  The only other brush you might need is an oblong pin brush.  This is used to fluff up the face and furnishings.  It is mainly used for show dogs.  It is also available in an oval shape but I find the oblong to be my preference.  The one inch pin size is usually sufficient pin length.

Grooming Equipment - Pin Brush

Boar Brush.  This is used to bring out the natural oils in a coat.  It doesn’t remove dead hair.  It is quite soothing for the dog to be brushed with a boar brush.

Grooming Equipment - Boar Brush

Terrier Palm Pad.  I have used one of these occasionally but I don’t find it at all necessary.  The idea of the palm brush is it will remove the dead hairs. 

Grooming Equipment - Terrier Palm Pad

Slicker Brushes.  Many groomers use a slicker for the face and furnishings.  I find I get the same results with a pin brush.  There are all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Generally the smaller sizes are used for small terriers. 

Grooming Equipment - Slicker Brush

Stripping Knives

There are all kinds of stripping knives that come with different handles and different blade sizes and coarseness, from extra fine to coarse.  You should order one based on if you are right or left handed.  Brand name is personal preference.  Coarseness is based on what you want the blade for.  Extra fine and fine are for the face and sensitive areas.  Medium is generally coarse enough for complete stripping of a coat.  

There are also a number of other products that groomers use for hand stripping a dog.  From pumice stones, to Michelangelo Sculpting stones, there are numerous items that groomers use to strip hair.  Again, these are all personal preference.  Without a doubt, the best tool for hand stripping is your fingers because they take a little bit of hair at a time.  The only thing I will add is latex gloves or finger clots seem to be a favourite for people who can not seem to grab the hair with their bare fingers.

Grooming Equipment - Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

Grooming Equipment - Michelangelo Sculpting Stones

Michelangelo Sculpting Stones



In a perfect world, the only place that one should use scissors is between the pads of the feet.  Everything else should be hand stripped. 

Grooming Equipment - Grooming Table

Grooming Tables and Arms

A grooming table is great because it is made for grooming at a comfortable height which is easy on your back and the dog is safe and comfortable on the table.  The table height should be for a toy dog, typically 36 inches, with table top of about 18 inches wide and 24 inches long.   You will also need a grooming arm.  It should be adjustable from 18 inches to about 36 inches.  The grooming arms generally come with the grooming noose.

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Updated 08/16/15

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