NTCA Rescue & Rehoming Committee

The NTCA Rescue and Rehoming Committee coordinates the Club’s efforts to rescue and re-home purebred Norwich Terriers in need from public animal shelters, commercial breeding kennels, and import brokers. Assistance also can be provided to family members and friends of owners in situations where the owner can no longer care for their Norwich Terrier(s) due to illness, incapacitation, or death. The goal is to place healthy and happy Norwich Terriers into forever homes. The NTCA Rescue Committee is comprised solely of member volunteers who nurture and foster rescue Norwich Terriers until new homes are available.

NTCA member-breeders are dedicated to taking back any Norwich Terrier they breed, and for that reason, it’s not often that we have a Norwich in need of rescue or rehoming, but occasionally we do. If you are thinking of acquiring an adult Norwich terrier, contacting a NTCA member-breeder is a good initial step.

Rescue Norwich Terriers are special dogs for special owners. Like many other rescue dogs, a rescue Norwich may come with baggage, whether emotional or physical, and have special needs. Norwich in need of rehoming may be older and/or have health conditions requiring special diets or ongoing medications; new owners must also anticipate veterinary bills that may be incurred for continued healthcare.

  • If you are interested in a rescued dog, please complete the NTCA Rescue Committee Adoption Application and send it to the Committee Chair. Your request will be confirmed and your application will be kept on file.
  • If you have a Norwich Terrier in need of a new home, please contact our Rescue Committee.

NTCA Rescue & Rehoming Committee Chair

Ursula Walsh

NTCA Rescue Adoption Application

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