Many thanks to all who volunteered themselves and their dogs at the Norwich terrier booth at Meet the Breeds in Orlando, FL, December 17-18th. Meet the Breeds is a terrific opportunity for the general public to get to know our wonderful breed and to ask questions of breeders and owners. We could not do it without NTCA member-volunteers. Thank you to:

Melanie Bryson with Tansey, Dinah Molly, and Ruby
Nicky Conroy with Mister Finn
Cathy Rogers with Rosie and Lolo
Joan and Don Krantz with Henry and Cricket
Nancy Lentz with Ted
Alyson Cleary (MTB Chair) with Beatrice

Special thanks to Michael Potterfield from the Clumber Spaniel Club of America for choosing the lucky winner of our Hutto Bronze raffle-Estelle Crawford!

The next Meet the Breeds event will be held in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club in New York, NY (Piers 92 & 94)
on February 11, 2017.