The deadline to submit content for the Norwich Terrier News is March 15th. We would love to see your cute candids, celebrate your new titles, or learn what is happening at your home and kennel. Missy Wood has reintroduced Kennel Reports, a new “old” feature of the News. Please email us at with content, questions, or suggestions. More details below….


Norwich Terrier News Editors
Amanda, Elaine, & Wheatley

Kennel Reports : In order to insure “The Norwich News is Your News”, we are urging all members to contribute their talents to a new (yet old) section of The Norwich Terrier News we will call Kennel Reports. As a way of background, Kennel Reports first appeared some 50 years ago, the brain child of Constance Larrabee. The intention was to have fellow members communicate with each other through The News, rather like Facebook today. Kennel Reports serve to create a historic archive of dogs and breeding programs.  Visit our website and read some of the old Kennel Reports under “About Norwich/Norwich History.”   Because Kennel Reports was met with great enthusiasm and participation through the early 1990’s, we thought we would revive this section and hope you, whether an active breeder/exhibitor or a happy owner, will put pen to paper.  So, let’s see how successful this can be by submitting your very first report to Missy Wood, at A photo to accompany your report is welcome, and please limit your report to approximately 300 words. Our first deadline is March 15th. If you have any questions or would like some help with your first endeavor, you may contact Missy at 610- 935-1776.

New Title Holder Photos (AKC Titles):  $20 per photo, which includes a maximum 45-word caption giving the name of the new title holder and of his/her sire and dam as well as the names of the breeder(s) and owner(s).  

Advertising in the News: The News will accept content from members limited to 1) kennel advertisements 2) titles awarded by the NTCA; 3) titles, championships, and group placements from the American Kennel Club; 4) ads for foreign titles, foreign championships, and foreign group placements. Ads touting placement must identify the rating system and date.

Ads must be sent in a print-ready format like PDF. If you have any questions, contact the Editors at

  • Black & White: Full Page: $75; Half page: $40
  • Color: Full Page: $100; Half page: $60

Full page size: 7.5” w x 9.75” h; Half page size: 7.5” w x 4.75” h