Dear NTCA Members and Norwich Terrier Friends,

We are sending this survey link on behalf of Dr. Bryden Stanley and her colleagues in the Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Syndrome (NTUAS) Study Group.

This Owner’s Survey will help to determine the prevalence and severity of NTUAS in the United States and around the world.  Also, Dr. Stanley will use the survey results to determine whether the 150 Norwich Terriers who were evaluated in the NTUAS clinical study are representative of the larger population of Norwich Terriers.  Dr. Stanley is requesting dog’s name/age and owner’s name to make this comparison.  All identification data will be kept strictly confidential.  The survey questionnaire and results are maintained at Michigan State University. Only anonymized data will be summarized and distributed.

The NTUAS study is nearing completion and full results will be available soon, including the standardized severity scoring tool. In July, Dr. Grace Lai presented some of the preliminary results at the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) Scientific Meeting in Athens, Greece. The slides from her presentation can be viewed here:

Many thanks for your continued help with this important study.  Please share this survey link with your friends who have a Norwich Terrier!

The link is on the website at the bottom of the website page.  Please complete one time for each Norwich you own.

Let us know if you have any questions about the study or survey.

Jane Schubart
NTCA President

Susan Miller Hall
Chair, NTCA Health Committee Chair