Dear NTCA Members,

We are pleased to inform you that resources to guide diagnosis of Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Syndrome are now available on the NTCA website.

These new tools are a result of the multi-site clinical study. Characterization of Upper Airway Syndrome in Norwich Terriers, conducted by a multi-disciplinary team led by Dr. Bryden Stanley and Dr. Grace Lai.

The new web pages contain information developed for veterinarians to evaluate the Norwich Terrier upper airway. These resources include a protocol for full upper airway exam, the NTUAS Score Sheet with a visual guide, history questionnaire, exercise tolerance test and a video of a normal upper airway exam. For those who enrolled their dogs in the study, you will be receiving your score sheets soon. The new web pages will give you a roadmap to interpret the numerical values. The study team will submit a manuscript reporting the full results to a peer-reviewed journal this year. We are planning to have an interactive virtual event later this year with Dr. Stanley. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Jane Schubart (

The generosity and collective commitment of our Norwich community has made this work possible.

Best Regards,

Jane Schubart and Susan Miller Hall
NTCA Health Committee