NTCA Health Committee Webinar

Monday, November 9, 2020
8:00 PM (EST)


Speaker: Dr. Bryden J. Stanley

Study Background
The multi-site NTUAS Study Group* comprised 4 academic institutions (Michigan, California, Texas and
Pennsylvania), and enrolled 154 Norwich terriers. The Study Group evaluated 56 variables from recorded airway
examinations and computed tomography (CT) of the head and neck. Five variables distinguished between dogs
clinically-affected with NTUAS and dogs not clinically-affected and form the basis of the NTUAS Score. This score
could be used to evaluate dogs before breeding. A subset of these dogs had several airway examinations, at
least one year apart. These data have been analyzed to look at progression of NTUAS over time.
Dr. Stanley will present the NTUAS Study results. Objectives are to:

1. Understand and recognize signs of upper respiratory compromise.
2. Realize the importance of a full upper airway examination and why all components should be evaluated.
3. Recognize which components appear to contribute to NTUAS.
4. Understand how the NTUAS Score was developed and what it means.
5. Understand the nature of progression of NTUAS over time.

The webinar will include Questions & Answers. A geneticist will provide insights into strategies to find alleles and/or loci that contribute to NTUAS.

The webinar will be hosted and recorded by VetVine, and available for later viewing. Additional information about the webinar will be forthcoming. If you have questions, I can be reached by email: ascot.js@gmail.com.

Jane Schubart, NTCA Health Committee

*This study was funded by donor-advised funds from the Norwich Terrier Club of America, through the Canine Health Foundation, and by the generous donations of Norwich Terrier owners and friends.