May 29, 2017

Dear NTCA Members,

Over the years, breeders and owners of Norwich Terriers have been cautious about the lepto vaccine. After the recent outbreaks of leptospirosis, we became interested in gathering information about the individual practices and experiences of our members. The response to the survey questionnaire exceeded our expectations! Thank you!

The results are attached. This information is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian. Decisions about lepto and other noncore vaccination protocols require weighing the risk of an adverse vaccine reaction against the risk of the individual dog becoming ill or even dying from the disease in question. We plan to add relevant articles to the Norwich Health section of our NTCA website on this and other relevant topics.

Thanks to Melanie Bryson for providing her technical expertise to help with this project!


Susan Miller Hall

Chair, NTCA Health Committee

Lepto Survey Results, May 2017