Dear NTCA Breeders,

We have an update to share from Dr. Kurt Williams about his CHF-funded Puppy Lung Development Study. See below:

“I’ve got 35 puppies at this point.  I think I’m going to place a pause for now on additional puppies as we work to get the whole genome sequencing data together and analyzed.  I’m hoping that we’ll gain insights from the genome data to propel the project forward in novel directions and then the need for additional puppies may need to be restarted.”

The study is progressing due to the contributions of our breeders who donated deceased puppies.  We remain in close contact with Dr. Williams and will keep you informed about the study progress and if more puppies are needed later.  Let us know if any questions.

Susan Miller Hall & Jane Schubart
NTCA Health Committee Co-chairs

Previous updates about the Puppy Lung Development Study can be found at Puppy Lung Health Study