As members of the Norwich Terrier Club of America doubtless know, unexplained deaths are a common occurrence early in life in Norwich Terrier puppies.  Recently, in cooperation with members of the NTCA, Dr. Kurt Williams at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University has been investigating the role that abnormal lung development may be playing in contributing to the problem of mortality in young Norwich Terrier puppies.  An initial study of 2 such puppies documented severe abnormalities in lung development.  Since that time, Dr. Williams’ study has expanded to include a total of 7 Norwich Terrier puppies that died early in life (< 2 weeks of age).  Five of the seven puppies (the remaining two arrived to Dr. Williams at the time of this writing and are still being studied) have been evaluated thus far and all have similar lung abnormalities, suggesting strongly that developmental lung disease is a significant contributing factor in the deaths of Norwich Terrier puppies.  Dr. Williams is interested in continuing to research this finding in the Norwich Terrier breed with the ultimate goal of identifying the cause so that this important disease can be eliminated from the breed.  If you would like to contribute deceased puppies to the research project you are encouraged to visit the Norwich Terrier Club of America website ( to find instructions on how to participate in this important study.