UPenn Study Site Billing Update: What You Should Expect to Pay

The NTUAS site at UPenn has opened and Norwich are being seen.  There were some incorrect invoices initially, and Dr. Stanley has been working with UPenn to get the billing organized. Below is a sample invoice showing the charges that have been approved by MSU and PennVet as their standard estimate for patients enrolled in the Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Study.  Prior to the consult, the owners are informed that bloodwork and thoracic radiographs should have been already performed by their local veterinarian.  The NTUAS study will cover $450.00 and the owner is responsible for the balance. (PennVet will send an invoice to MSU for $450 per patient enrolled.) Any additional procedures outside this invoice will be charged accordingly.

If you are enrolled at the UPenn site, you might want to take this sample invoice along to your visit.  Please contact Dr. Grace Lai, the study coordinator for all sites, if you encounter any problems with UPenn billing:  laipeich@cvm.msu.edu

Also, be sure that you have given Grace your study visit date so that your records will be there when you arrive.

Your participation is important.

Thank you,

Jane Schubart

UPenn Sample Invoice