Our 2018 Combined National Specialty Show week at Purina Farms, was a tremendous success! Participation exceeded our expectations in all events! We had 106 Norwich entered in conformation with 34 in Sweeps, and 55 Norfolk with 14 in Sweeps. More than 80 participated in CGC/Rally/Obedience; 41 attended the Tuesday Cookout; 47 enjoyed the Pizza Party on Wednesday; 28 signed up for the Tour of Italy; 144 attended the Evening at the AKC Museum of the Dog (generously hosted by Sandra Stemmler); and over 150 members and guests attended the banquet.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make this a week to remember!

Nancy Wise, NTC President
Jane Schubart, NTCA President

Special thanks to organizers:

Janet Latterner, NTC Show Chair
Tom Graham, NTC Hospitality
Jim & Lorrie Kinney, NTCA Show Chairs
Judy Laffey, NTCA Hospitality
Sandra Stemmler
John Francisco
Judi Hartell

and to the many members who contributed their valuable time, for some, spanning 2 years!

April Clark
Alyson Cleary
Magda Chiarella
Nicky Conroy
Jim Covey
Georgia Crompton
Joan Eckert
Heidi Evans
Denise Faulkner
Lini Federici
Judith Felton
Kelly Foos
Elsie Francisco
Beth Jernigan
Kay Graham
Annette Haile
Susan Miller Hall

Peg Horner
Larry Hottot
Shirl Hutchins
Claire Johnson
Rainee Johnson
Maria Kelley
Terri Kelley
Lynn Kitch
Amanda Kozora
Joan Krantz
Beth Kravetz
Jill Lowry
Joan Lutz
Betty McDonnell
Peggy Metcalf
Mary Jo Sweany
Marian Shaw

Jeff Partington
Karen Partington
Lori Pelletier
Jill Petersen
Carlynn Ricks
Cathy Rogers
Grace Scott
Judy Seltrecht
Melissa Smith
Lisa Sons
John Sons
Roxanne Sutton
Mary Jo Sweany
Carole Walsh
Patty Warrender
Tonnie Willrich

* any omissions are unintended

Thank you to Susan Miller Hall for the photos.