As the guardians of the Norwich Terrier, The Norwich Terrier Club of America is prepared to “rescue” any purebred Norwich without a home.  All members of NTCA are members of the committee and are to be on the lookout for a Norwich in need and to do what it takes to handle any situation. Fortunately, it is a very rare occurrence to find a Norwich Terrier in a shelter. Occasionally, a Norwich may need to be rehomed due to personal circumstances and should go back to the breeder. If the breeder is not involved, our committee will step in to assist.

In this day and age of the internet, it is easy to search for a Norwich in a shelter. However, Norwich has also become the popular “buzz” word to label a dog in an attempt to attract a new home. A photo of a dog thought to be a Norwich is very helpful with the process of identification. If you think you may have come across a Norwich in a shelter and have the ability to provide a photo, it can be time saved to get to that dog sooner and to properly identify the dog.

Rescue is not about finding you the perfect pet. Rescue is about finding a loving little dog a perfectly loving home. If you are looking for an adorable young Norwich to meet your “wants” we encourage you to go to our Breeder Referral link to contact Norwich Breeders.

If you are seeking to rescue a special needs dog that may be middle aged or elderly, may have health issues, a dog who needs an owner blessed with patience and love, then you should certainly contact our rescue chair. There may be a dog that needs you.

NTCA Rescue Policy
The purposes of the Rescue committee is to provide for the rescue of Norwich Terriers in areas of the country where there is no local club rescue service and to provide rescue liaison with other clubs and organizations when purebred Norwich Terriers come into their Rescue. The Lone Star, Greater Chicago and Northern California clubs are each expected to do the rescue of dogs that fall into their geographic region.
• A rescue Norwich Terrier shall be considered any purebred Norwich Terrier of unknown origin, that has been found lost, abandoned, or voluntarily surrendered by its owner; in the event that the breeder is known and breeder declines to accept responsibility for the Norwich. The NTCA will provide rescue service for purebred Norwich Terriers whose breeder is unknown or unable to help. The club maintains that BREEDERS MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DOGS BRED THROUGHOUT THEIR LIFETIME.
• The Rescue Committee will not purchase dogs nor accept dogs into rescue that have been purchased for that reason. If a club member purchases a dog without thought of giving the purchased Norwich a permanent home, all responsibility for any and all costs associated with that dog will be the sole responsibility of the person who purchased the dog, not the NTCA. No individual member of the club may profit from the placement of a rescue dog and no individual or club member is to be reimbursed any of the costs incurred when purchasing a dog.
• The rescue committee will accept dogs only with a transfer agreement signed by the current owner or his agent, and the authorization of the Committee Chairman or a Board Member. Placement of the dog is then at the discretion of the NTCA Rescue Chair, not the prior owner or agent, and no monies are to be given to the prior owner or agent from NTCA funds.
• Dogs who are known, repeated biters will not be accepted into the Rescue program since they cannot be safely placed.
• Before placement all dogs must complete foster home evaluation, spayed and neutered.
• The NTCA assumes no liability for rescue operations, except as required by law. Those who perform rescue services for the NTCA do so at their own risk.
• The Rescue Committee may assist club members with placement referral for adoptable older dogs. No liability will be assumed by the NTCA Rescue Committee paperwork will not be used in these cases. Placement and responsibility lie with the breeder. These dogs must be spayed/neutered before placement. A donation may be requested from the breeder for successful placements, no club monies are to be spent on these dogs.
• No monies may be collected or expended without the approval of the Committee Chairman or a Board member. The Treasurer of the NTCA will be responsible for the Rescue Fund.
• The Rescue Committee Chairman will provide a rescue report to the Board at each meeting, publish articles and information on rescue in club publications, coordinate policies and exchange information with committee members and local clubs.
• To avoid the perception of a conflict of interest, while an individual serves as the Rescue Chairman, she/he will not be involved in any Norwich rescue fundraising activities other than those authorized by the NTCA for its rescue program.

Updated 01/24/14

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