As approved by vote of the NTCA Membership, Dec 28, 2010


The purpose of the Norwich Terrier Club of America (NTCA) is to promote the standard of the breed and the well-being of the breed and individual dogs through careful breeding and responsible ownership by its members. As stewards of the breed, all NTCA members, breeders and pet owners alike, agree to read, sign, and abide by the basic principles contained in this Code.


1. Maintain the highest standards of health and sanitation, safety and security for any Norwich Terrier under their care, and keep only as many dogs for which they can provide the highest standard of care, attention, and affection.

2. Make every effort to assist the novice and to educate the public by providing information beneficial to the general well-being of the breed, including grooming and training.

3. Support the rescue of purebred Norwich Terriers.

4. Make every effort to participate in health studies for the breed.

5. Abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the NTCA and the rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

6. Participate in activities and programs sponsored by the NTCA.

7. Promote the Club, not individuals, when representing the NTCA in an official capacity.

8. Neither use, give away, nor sell the NTCA membership list for purposes other than AKC dog related or Club related activities.

9. Sponsor new member applicant(s) by having more than a casual acquaintance with them. Actually knowing the applicants(s) and the living conditions of their dogs is the sole responsibility, obligation, and duty of each sponsor.


1. Use the Norwich Terrier Breed Standard as adopted by the NTCA and approved by the AKC to assess temperament and type for exhibition in AKC and club events and for breeding.

2. Understand, before breeding, the basic laws of genetics, the standard of the breed and known health problems within the breed and produce physically and temperamentally sound offspring.

3. Breed only dogs or bitches in good health, of characteristic type, sound structure, and steady temperament who are twenty-four (24) months of age or older. Bitches should be bred no later than seven (7) years of age at the time of mating.

4. Have a written contract when leasing a bitch, offering stud services, or being involved in a co- ownership.

5. Ensure that litter numbers are consistent both with sound breeding principles and with the best interest of the individual bitch.

6. Perform health screening tests recommended by the NTCA that will help determine the genetic soundness of the dog or the bitch prior to breeding. Submit both positive and negative health screening test results to an open registry – CERF, OFA, CHIC, Penn HIP. Any owner who does not disclose unfavorable health test results of their breeding stock to anyone that would be directly affected by such knowledge is engaging in unethical behavior.

7. Owners of a dog and bitch being considered for breeding purposes disclose any health problems or faults in the lines behind either animal prior to the breeding.

8. Raise well-socialized puppies and adults in a clean, safe and secure environment and be prepared to keep puppies and adults until suitable homes are found.

9. Register litters with AKC and maintain complete health and breeding records on all breeding stock and on each resultant litter.

10. Adequately screen potential owners and make careful placements of Norwich Terriers. Discuss common health issues in the breed and any known health issues or faults in a puppy or adult being placed or sold to a potential owner.

11. Not place, transfer, or sell sufficiently mature puppies earlier than ten (10) weeks of age. All puppies should have a veterinary examination and age-appropriate inoculations before they leave the breeder’s home. Preferably, puppies should have permanent identification (by microchip or tattoo or otherwise) prior to being transferred, placed or sold. All puppies should have permanent identification no later than six months of age.

12. Include a complete medical record, a generational pedigree, an AKC registration form, instructions on feeding, health care, training, and grooming, and preferably a written sales agreement with any puppy or adult placed, transferred, or sold. Any contract requiring a puppy or adult back from a future litter should not be unduly coercive. Such limitations and any other specific terms attached to the sale should be made by written agreement and signed by both the breeder and the buyer. The written sales agreement should also state whether a guarantee of any nature is provided and, if so, set forth its terms and conditions or limitations.

13. Promptly transfer AKC registration papers to new owners, unless otherwise stated in a written agreement. Puppies and adults of “companion” quality should be placed or sold on AKC “Limited” registrations. A spay/neuter requirement is additionally recommended.

14. Maintain a supportive dialogue after a placement or sale to ensure the dog’s welfare and answer the new owner’s questions regarding any aspect of its behavior, health or appearance. Member- breeders have an obligation to notify buyers of any genetic health problems in their line about which they become aware after the placement or sale.

15. Have written agreements whereby they will accept the return of any dog they have produced or sold regardless of circumstances of age.

16. Refrain from repeating any specific breeding that produced a life-threatening condition or reflected a genetic defect that affects the quality of life of a Norwich Terrier.

17. Mentor those to whom they place or sell any Norwich Terrier.

18. Participate in AKC-recognized competitions as a means to evaluate breeding stock.

19. Not indulge in the practice of making “kennel majors”, or exhibiting filler dogs that they know themselves to be unworthy of championships, for the purpose of finishing dogs. Such practices lessen the meaning and value of a championship and do not serve the breed.


The following are grounds for disciplinary action:

1. Neglecting or abusing of any Norwich Terrier in the care of a member documented by three affidavits of three (3) witnesses.

2. Breeding Norwich Terriers other than purebred ones that are fully AKC registered.

3. Knowingly registering or aiding or abetting in the AKC registration of non-purebred Norwich Terriers.

4. Breeding for personal profit or commercial exploitation of the breed.

5. Behaving irresponsibly at show sites, trial sites, hotels and motels or treating judges, officials, spectators, and other dog owners and their dogs with disrespect. Incidents must be documented by AKC, an AKC show giving club, or NTCA.

6. Brokering a Norwich Terrier or accepting monetary consideration for placing a puppy for a breeder or for finding a puppy for a potential buyer.

7. Not accepting lifetime responsibility for the welfare of a Norwich Terrier that one produces and refusing to take back or to re-home that dog.

8. Placing, selling, or aiding and abetting in the sale of a Norwich Terrier to a laboratory, pet shop, wholesale dealer, broker, virtual pet outlet, auction, or any other inappropriate situation. Offering or aiding and abetting in a stud service or leasing a bitch to a wholesale dealer or brokering to any person involved with a laboratory, pet shop, or virtual pet outlet, or any other inappropriate situation. Offering any Norwich Terrier as a prize. Displaying a Norwich Terrier in public places for the purpose of immediate sale.

9. Not returning NTCA property or official records as described in Article I, Section 6 (a) found in the NTCA Constitution and Bylaws.

10. Engaging in false or misleading advertising or any other misrepresentation of their Norwich Terrier(s) or any other Norwich Terrier(s) or the Club. A first offense shall result in a letter of reprimand, a second offense in suspension from advertising in the NTCA Directory of Breeders and Stud Dogs and the Breeder Referral Section of the NTCA web site for two (2) years. A third offense may result in Club suspension.


By signing this Code of Ethics, I/we acknowledge that I/we understand and agree with the purpose of the Norwich Terrier Club of America and that I/we will do my/our best to promote the best interests of the Club and the Norwich terrier. Furthermore, I/we will conduct myself/ourselves in a manner of good sportsmanship at conformation, companion and performance events, so as to reflect positively on the sport of purebred dogs. I/we understand that violation of this Code of Ethics can subject me/us to the disciplinary process provided by the NTCA Constitution and Bylaws.

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