The breed columns are a time-honored feature of the AKC Gazette, the American Kennel Club’s official monthly publication. Columnists are appointed by the breed’s national parent club and asked to write about topics of interest to serious dog fanciers in general, as well as topics of specific interest to judges and devotees of the breed.  Breed columns rotate quarterly by group so that each breed’s column appears four times a year.  The information and opinions expressed in the breed columns represent the views of their authors, not necessarily those of the breed’s parent club.

The year and month that each column first appeared in the AKC Gazette is indicated with the title, and is reproduced here with permission. To read or download the Gazette, visit

2019, November Schubart, J. “Small Dog, Big Heart”

2019, August Schubart, J. “Dog Emergency Medical Bag”

2019, May Schubart J. “Norwich Terrier Temperament and Training Tips”

2019, February Schubart, J. “Making a Case for Critiques”

2018, November Schubart, J. “Working together for the common good: Genetic variation”

2018, August Kozora, A. “Landscaping for Your Dogs”

2018, May Schubart, J. “From Humble Beginnings to Social Media: Why Do We Show Dogs?”

2018, February Wood, M. ” The N.T.C. Match Show: A Time Gone By”

2017, November Schubart, J. “Leptospirosis: To vaccinate or not?”

2017, August Schubart, J. “Fading Puppies and Surviving the Bad Times”

2017, May Schubart, J. “Why buy a pet puppy from a show breeder?”

2017, February Schubart, J. “Looking Like a Little Worker: Importance of a Correct Coat”

2016, November Jong MD, E. “Puppy Love”

2016, August Schubart, J. “Social Media: Some Observations”

2016, May Schubart, J. “Pursuit of Perfection”

2016, February Schubart, J. “The Perfect Demon: Selecting for Temperament”

2015, November Schubart, J. “Extra Calories”

2015, August Schubart, J. “Choosing a Brood Bitch: A Bit of a Gamble”

2015, May Schubart, J. “Ears Up! Do We Really Need to Tape?”

2015, February Schubart, J. “The Pet Norwich Coat: Managing Expectations”

2014, November Schubart, J. “Rethinking the Health Guarantee: Do Puppy Buyers Understand Health Screening Tests?”

2014, August Schubart, J. “Color Me Beautiful”

2014, May Schubart, J. “What to do About Missing Teeth?”

2014, February Schubart, J. “Creating the Illustrated Guide to the Standard of Norwich Terriers”

2013, November Schubart, J. “Kennel Prefixes: Does History Matter?”

2013, May Johnson, L. “Training for Agility: Advice From an Expert”

2012, November Little, L. “DNA Test for Primary Lens Luxation”

2012, August Little, L. “The Front Assembly Part 2”

2012, February Little, L. “Looking To The Future”

2011, August Little, L. “Way Back When”

2011, May Little, L. “Thoughts on Hip Testing Part 3”

2011, February Little, L. “Thoughts on Hip Testing Part 2”

2010, November Little, L. “Thoughts on Hip Testing Part 1”

2010, August Little, L. “Earthdog or Ratter”

2010, May Little, L. “The Dangers of Xylitol: Preventing Another Tragedy”

2010, February Ricks, C. “How Performance Affects Conformation”