What do I Feed My Dog and Why?
Donna M. Raditic DVM, CVA, ACVIM (Nutrition)
Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

Norwich Terrier Club of America
Annual Health Seminar—via Zoom
Wednesday, December 4, 2024 at 8:00 PM EST
Open to NTCA members only

Dr. Raditic believes every pet parent wants to provide their beloved family member optimal nutrition for their quality of life and longevity. It is difficult for today’s pet parents to sort through all the marketing, different types of diets, and at the end of day, who do you trust? Her goal is to explain to you what we know and what we don’t know about dog nutrition. She wants to empower you with the education to select the best diet and feeding program for your companion. Yes, they are all individuals, but just like us, the foundation of every dog’s health and wellbeing is through better nutrition.

Donna M. Raditic is a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®. She was a professor for both the Nutrition and the Integrative Medicine Services at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Cur-rently she is owner/founder of Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Consultants which offers independent consulting and education. Her professional career includes general practice/practice owner, academician, and independent veterinary nutritionist/educator. Dr. Raditic’s personal and professional journey provides for unique perspectives and on the role of nutrition, supplements, and integrative care for our veterinary pa-tients.

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