Find a Norwich Terrier

You’ve made up your mind—life would be merrier with a Norwich Terrier! You’ve fallen in love with the standup prick ears, the jovial attitude, the compact body on short legs, and the affectionate look in their eyes that melts your heart. Now, how do you acquire one that lives up to your dreams, and is a good match for you and your family?

The popularity of Norwich Terriers, combined with small litter sizes, can make it challenging to find a puppy. Breeders often have waiting lists, so be patient and flexible about sex and color. Norwich puppies are not ready to leave home until 10 to 12 weeks old, and some breeders keep the puppies longer, in order to observe growth and development before determining the best placement for each puppy. Sometimes, adult Norwich Terriers become available for placement and may better suit the prospective owner’s lifestyle, as the older Norwich may already have had some training, and probably will be less active and demanding than a puppy.

Norwich thrive on human attention! Puppies must be properly socialized to develop the outgoing, amiable personality characteristic of the breed. Endowed with great enthusiasm and energy, Norwich require considerable exercise. Because of their innate hunting instincts, Norwich must be walked on lead or be let out only in securely fenced yards. They are generally healthy and hardy and typically live thirteen to sixteen years.