I am a relative newcomer having started with Norwich in 1970. Long before I had Bloodhounds and Corgis.  My original Norwich stock came from Annette Griffiths, whom I met through Peter Green.  I still have Teddy, CH Shawnee’s Opening Batman, but of course he is very old now. From the start I wanted a small dog with good bone. Substance in a small package. I made it a habit to show my dogs myself when in the ring.  

About the business of breeding bitches, I look for compatible type in the stud, and line breeding.  Thrumpton Norwich in England had a strong influence on me.  My litters were always problem-free after whelping, but by the time I came along in Norwich there appeared to be difficulties with the actual whelping, puppies getting stuck in the birth canal.  I found it was hard to get information from others on this subject.  It does the breeds no good if we do not share our experiences, be they good or bad.  I have loved all my dogs, but those who could not stay with me had to go to good homes.  A loving home was foremost and I was insistent that there be a fenced-in area.  Selling to a “show home” was not important to me, yet I did enjoy showing my own dogs.  I remember my black and tan, CH Windyhill Clown, winning Best of Breed at Montgomery County in the ‘70’s.  Quite a thrill to have done it all myself.

I suppose I am most proud of Clyde — CH Thrumpton’s Lord Timberson.  He lives with Missy Wood now, and I think today he is still one of the greatest producers both here and in England.  Of course, there will never be a perfect Norwich or Norfolk, but it is a dream we all must have.  Our breeds are an honest breed and we should be the way they are.  Be true to yourself and never let friend or foe influence your aims.  Do not worry about the popularity contest, concentrate on the dog.