Norwich Terrier Club of America Annual Health Seminar
Hilton Garden Inn, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
October 5, 2017

Characterization of Upper Airway Syndrome in Norwich Terriers
Speakers:  Dr. Bryden Stanley and Dr. Grace Lai

Dr. Stanley and Dr. Lai presented preliminary results of the NTUAS Study (Canine Health Foundation Grant #2232). The overall study goal is to improve the quality of life of Norwich Terriers through the alleviation of upper airway syndrome. This presentation describes the first step of the study which is to clearly characterize the condition by performing in-depth evaluations on many Norwich terriers of all ages.

This study is a multi-disciplinary collaboration based at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University, led by Dr. Bryden J. Stanley and Dr. Nathan Nelson. Collaborating veterinary schools include the University of California Davis (Dr. Lynelle Johnson), Texas A&M University (Dr. Kelley Thieman), and University of Pennsylvania (Dr. David Holt). This video was produced by NTCA member Dina Moore-Tzouris and her husband William Tzouris.

The study is funded by donor-advised funds from the Norwich Terrier Club of America, through the Canine Health Foundation, and by the generous donations of Norwich Terrier owners and friends.

Jane Schubart
NTCA President

Susan Miller Hall
NTCA Health Committee Chair

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