Sponsored by Norwich Terrier Club of America

Honoring the Canine-Human Bond

The Norwich Ambassador Award is established to recognize the contribution of the Norwich Terrier to society and our lives. Many Norwich have jobs outside of the show ring. These Norwich have a special place in our hearts and in our community. By recognizing these Norwich and their dedicated human companions, we encourage Norwich to be ambassadors to the public of their breed and of all purebred dogs.

The Norwich Ambassador Award is intended to be a recognition award and not a competition award. It is open to any NTCA club member’s purebred AKC-registered Norwich terrier that is involved in public service which adds to the human/Norwich bond. Recipients of the Norwich Ambassador Award will be selected from nominations made by any NTCA member in good standing including the owner and/or breeder of said Norwich. The award will be granted for activity during the calendar year preceding the date of application. The deadline for applications to be accepted is July 15th to ensure presentation at the annual awards dinner in October.  Questions? Contact Joan Graham (kerrynor.jg@gmail.com).

Norwich Ambassador Award Criteria:

1. AKC-Registered purebred Norwich terrier
2. Nominated by an NTCA club member in good standing
3. Honoree is an NTCA club member in good standing

Additional requirements for recognition may be updated as necessary.

The award consists of a physical award, publication of submitted application story in the Norwich Terrier News, public recognition at the NTCA annual dinner and on the NTCA website.

The recognition awards would include the following categories:

1. Service dog: Norwich that are trained to assist individuals with meeting special needs, for example, medical alert dogs, hearing aid dogs, physical assistance dogs.
2. Education Service dog: Norwich that are trained to work in an organized public service and have had formal training. These skills and knowledge can include but are not limited to reading education assistance programs, dog safety programs, teaching how to interact with a Norwich and other programs helping to build a positive relationship with Norwich.
3. Exemplary Companion Dog: Norwich that have performed a single act of outstanding achievement, extreme companionship—such as alerting for a fire emergency, show dedication to a single person above the ordinary such as hospice work, assisting public servants such as firemen, police, search/rescue.
4. Therapy Dog: Norwich that have verified visits to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, or similar institutions for the benefit and support of patients.


Application Process:

1. Complete application form below, including a summary, in 300 words or less, of the nominated Norwich’s activity/story as it relates to the human/Norwich bond.

2. Selected honorees may submit a high-resolution photo to accompany the Norwich Terrier News story if they desire. Any photo containing a person or persons must have written permission for publication. Photo release form can be found  HERE. No show photos please.

Please contact Amanda Kozora (amanda.kozora@gmail.com) if you need assistance with the form.