In late January, Rosie was dropped off at a “kill shelter” in Baton Rouge. Her owner had died. At age 10, she was overweight and her hair thinning in spots. Rosie was evaluated by the shelter veterinarian who documented severe periodontal disease and possible Cushings or other endocrine disorder. The vet wrote, “not a strong adoption candidate,” and scheduled Rosie to be euthanized on Monday. It was Friday afternoon when Deb Bailey, Rescue Chair, received an email from the shelter manager about Rosie. Not much time …

Because Rosie was microchipped, Deb was able to contact her breeder within the hour, but the breeder was unwilling to take Rosie back. With no time to waste, Deb spent the rest of the day orchestrating Rosie’s rescue. The shelter manager was kind — it was an unusually bitter cold night and she made a bed for Rosie in her office, away from the unheated part of the building that housed some 300 barking dogs. NTCA member Booth Pohlman arrived the next morning and provided foster care while Deb continued to look for a new forever home. Deb called people who had sent her rescue/rehome adoption applications. Most people don’t want a dog over age 7 or one with health issues, but in the pile of applications there was one special lady whose elder Norwich girl had recently passed away.

Rosie’s story has a happy ending — she’s had a new beginning in Texas, with her new owner Sally and a 17 year-old Norwich boy. Rosie was a bit stressed at first, as is typically the case, but has totally adjusted to her new home and is healing from teeth extractions. Sally says she’s the “sweetest little girl”.

Rosie’s rescue was possible because of the rapid response by many caring NTCA members. And, because our members donate to rescue, NTCA was able to help with Rosie’s expensive dental needs. We don’t know when or where the next Norwich rescue/rehome need will arise … but with your continued support, the NTCA Rescue & Rehoming Committee will be ready!


Rosie’s exam at the shelter

With Booth and Sally

Rosie leaving the shelter in Booth’s car

Sally and Rosie

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