More About the Study

Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Syndrome Health Study (NTUAS)

In this study, NTUAS will be characterized in detail through comprehensive history, oral examination and upper airway endoscopy in 150 US Norwich Terriers.  Results will be used to create a NTUAS severity grading system.

A subset of 25 of the dogs will additionally undergo computed tomography and nasal airflow measurements.

Results will be compared for 25 Norfolk Terriers, 25 brachycephalic and 25 mesaticephalic dogs of similar ages from a separately funded study.

Identifying the contributory components of NTUAS is the first step in determining prognosis and evaluating treatment options. This work will lay the groundwork for future research to follow the youngest dogs in the study throughout their lives, and to examine the effect of time and treatment on NTUAS.

Learn more about the study by visiting the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University study page: