Winnie’s owner reached out in all directions when her husband passed away and she couldn’t take care of 7 year old Winnie anymore.  It was just before Christmas and we are so glad she found us, and we found Clare.  Winnie has settled into her new home in Virginia with Clare, and even has a job in the family chutney business.  We love happy endings and hearing from friends.  This is from Clare:

The first couple of months were a little tricky as I took her to work every day and she was afraid of many of the new sounds like all the trucks.  However, she soon got the knack of it all.  We are a small family business — my son, husband and I — and we decide who has what job according to our individual skills or lack of.  When we get to work every morning, Winnie makes the round of the offices greeting everyone.  We soon realized that Winnie should be the Official Greeter.  When the front door is opened a small security bell sounds, and Winnie trots out and we hear whoever has arrived, be they a large burly truck driver, salesman, or a buyer — oohing and aahing and chatting away.  The ice is broken and then one of us appears.  It is magic.  

At around 4:30 pm, Winnie starts fussing and I know it’s time to go home.  We go home and have a walk, and then she has supper.  I cannot remember what it was like before she turned up, and am so grateful to you for your wonderful introduction. Thank you.

Winnie At Work

The Official Greeter