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Minutes of June 5, 1948:  “The proposed Bulletin has not yet appeared as we are still searching for an editor.  Its beginnings will be modest but if proven successful, may move on to bigger and better.”

The so-called Bulletin, however did not come to pass, owing, apparently, to a lack of a volunteer editor.  So the well-intended idea lay dormant until February. 1961, when there appeared a two-page publication Up and Down, edited by Joan Read and clearly marked Volume 1, Issue 1.  It’s anyone’s guess if an Issue 2 ever appeared, but perhaps that was all that was needed to get the ball rolling, for in May, 1962, the first issue of The Norwich News was printed and distributed to a highly delighted membership.  Its editor was Constance Larrabee, associate editor, Joan Read. This highly acclaimed newsletter (published twice a year since 1964 and renamed The Norwich and Norfolk News in 1979) has often been referred to as the heart and soul of the Club as it runs the gamut from dog news to people news.  Not only is it published and distributed to Club members, it also boasts a subscribership of nearly 100 non-members world-wide. In its 56 years of publication, the News has been headed up by fewer than ten editors, with the most years of service given by Constance Larrabee, its Founder; Hope Levy, its Nurturer; and Margaretta Wood and Alison G. Freehling; its Keepers of the Flame.  In fact, its Nurturer, Hope Levy best summed up the News when she wrote in Issue 53 (1986):

For a numerically small breed it is remarkable that we have had such a regularly produced and vigorous publication.  This is due in part to the talented editors and to the lack of shyness of its readers. The first editor set the tone of the News using material from the readers as much as possible and subsequent editors have continued that policy.  It has been a forum for the members and subscribers, not a platform for the editor’s personal views. If material is not in bad taste, too long, maudlin, or lacking in general interest, it will appear in the News. Like our breed, it is a nice, sociable little publication.

(Reprinted with permission from Margaretta Wood, from the 1996 Handbook.)

This section contains pdf scans of the News from 1962 to 2015.  Alison Freehling retired in 2014 after 17 years of dedicated service.  Susan Miller Hall and Barbara Einspruch served as the interim co-editors and produced the Spring 2015 issue.  Our current co-editors are Wheatley Wentzell, Elaine Jong and Amanda Kozora. Please check out our more recent issues and subscribe today at The Norwich Terrier News .

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